Tajweed Easy Starter in 2 months

Tajweed Easy Starter

Why is tajweed (accurate pronunciation) so important?
Allah, Glorified and Exalted, promised to preserve the Qur’an. It is Allah’s divine speech. So it is important to be part of its preservation, the way our righteous predecessors showed us. Allah said, “Recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.” (Surah Muzzammil (73):4)
This course has been designed to teach the basics of Tajweed to students of 12 years and above with little or no prior knowledge of Tajweed.
Upon successful completion, students will receive a digital certificate of attendance and will be eligible to enroll in any Tajweed course.

Quran Memorization-03

Tajweed Easy Starter

A concise Tajweed course for beginners. This is your first step in learning Tajweed.
Group Environment-01

Group Environment

The live classes are held in small, gender-segregated groups of 6 - 8 students.
Low Fee

Modest Fee

To make the Tajweed Easy Starter course affordable for everyone, students are charged only a modest one-time course registration fee.
Pre-recorded Video Sessions

Pre-recorded Video Sessions

Apart from learning from an experienced teacher during the live sessions, you are also given a unique opportunity to study Tajweed from pre-recorded videos presented by Shaykh Wissam El Tom.