Course description

Course Description

This program is offered to encourage Muslims in general (students and employees in specific) to dedicate a few minutes daily to memorizing one ayah (2 lines or one line) of al-Quran al-Kareem.

A student can choose a page of juz Amma and he/she will memorize one ayah every day. Upon the memorization of the entire page, the student will submit his/her audio assignment to the teacher for evaluation.

The student will be allowed:

  • 2 (audio) submissions on each page
  • Will be granted access to a single course page for a period of 30 days
    Students who have successfully memorized the whole page and received a minimum grade of 65% will receive a digital badge.

Those students who:

  • complete the entire juz Amma
  • pass an oral exam (with a minimum grade of 65%)
    will receive an online digital certificate, In sha Allah.

Note: Although students are encouraged to memorize the chosen ayat, they may also recite it from Mus’haf, the teacher will then grade and evaluate their recitation only. It is the students’ responsibility or choice whether they aim to memorize particular pages or just want to recite them in order to improve their recitation, do revision, or simply keep attached to the Quran.