Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Admission

The minimum requirements for the admission to the Quran Memorization Groups – Proficient Level program are:

  1. Having already memorized the whole Al-Quran Al-Kareem or 15 chapters and above. (This course is for revision and not for memorizing any new chapter).
  2. Good level of recitation and Tajweed rules.
  3. Evaluation: Students have 2 options:

A- Each student should send us their recorded recitation of the first 2 pages of Surat Al-Ma’idah and 2 pages of Surat Al-Qamar (free of charge). The recording should be sent at

B- Female students who do not wish to send recordings must pass the online recitation test (15 to 30 minutes) to see if they are eligible for this course or to advise them to take another course.

Students who opt to take the test will be charged USD 5.