Steps to complete the online application process

Create a free GQMC account

Before you begin:

  • Have your personal information and the necessary scanned documents ready.
  • Register an email address that you check regularly. You will receive the account activation link as well as other regular correspondence. You might consider creating a new email address for IOU studies only.
  1. Fill out the electronic application form. You will be required to agree and virtually sign our Disclaimer form, which can be downloaded here. Check your email inbox for our confirmatory mail and click on the link provided to activate your account.
  2. Follow the below link to upload your passport-size color photo and your photo ID scan (passport/driving license/national ID card).
  3. On receiving the acceptance email, which may take a few days, you will be able to follow the below payment and enrollment procedures according to the given instructions.

Enrollment Procedures

  1. Select a slot. On the 25th of every month, the enrollment to new slots in the One Ayah A Day course is open. The enrollment is open for approximately 7-10 days, depending on the students’ responses and slots available.
    Once an announcement is made on the Site News, click on the enrollment link and select a slot that suits you most. Remember that the hours are stated as per UTC.
  2. After the selection of a slot, proceed to pay the monthly registration fee. Once the fee is paid and logged in your payment history, you will be automatically enrolled in the course and your instructor will email you within 3 days.
    If you do not pay the monthly registration fee within 3 days, you will be removed from the chosen slot and if you wish to enroll again, you will be requested to select a new slot.

Before attempting to enroll, ensure that you have read and understood our enrollment and payment policies.

Enrollment Policy:

  • Before selecting a slot, make sure that you are able to follow the class schedule (remember that class timings are given in UTC Time).
  • Students who enroll in a slot will be requested to attend the classes and abide by the attendance policies.

Payment Policy:

  • The monthly registration fees for the One Ayah A Day program are neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.
  • The monthly fees are deducted from an enrolled student’s account, even if the student does not attend any classes.
  • Students are required to pay the fee for each month they are going to be enrolled in. The payment shall be made during the prescribed period. Any student who has been enrolled in a slot but does not pay the fees for the upcoming month will be unenrolled by the beginning of the upcoming month.