The International Open University introduces the Quran Memorization Program for Muslims around the world who desire to memorize the Quran but don’t have means or time to travel.


Global Quran Memorization Center provides a unique learning experience. We give the utmost importance to the needs and circumstances of our students. This is why the students of our Quran Memorization program are given the option to choose between one of the two levels that would suit best their study pace.

A. Beginners Level

Under this level, students memorize 1 page per week until they complete the memorization of the entire Quran with the option to switch to the advanced level if they wish to accelerate their study pace.

Please note that after a few years, students may be asked to memorize 2 pages per week if they are able to do so.

B. Advanced Level

The advanced level has been designed for all those who wish to complete the memorization of the Quran within 4 to 5 years. Under this level, students are given two enrollment options; to begin with the preparatory year and then proceed with other years, or to enroll directly to year 1.

The syllabus and study pace of the level are as follows:

Preparatory year * – juz Amma and Tabarak

Year No Juz Amma and Tabark
Year 1 from surah At-Tahreem to surah Az-Zumar (2 pages per week)
Year 2 from surah Al-Anbiya to surah Saad (3 pages per week)
Year 3 from surah At-Tawbah to surah Taha (3 pages per week)
Year 4 from surah Al-Fatiha to surah Al-Anfal (4 pages per week)

* You should begin with the preparatory year if you have not memorized any of these two chapters.

** You should begin with Year 1 if you have already memorized juz Amma and Tabarak as these two chapters will only be revised.

Students who begin their studies with preparatory year will complete the program in 5 years. Insha Allah.

Students who join directly year 1 will finish their memorization in 4 years. Insha Allah.

The actual course completion of the advanced level will depend on whether the student attends the preparatory year or directly year 1, if s/he does not change his/her group for a lower level, attends classes regularly, and gives enough time and dedication to the memorization.

Note: The fees are the same for all levels.