Teaching Method

Teaching Method

The One-on-One Quran Memorization program has two classes per week:

Class 1: 60 minutes

Class 2: 30 minutes

In the first session, a student recites after the teacher. After having listened to the recitation, the teacher evaluates it, corrects any tajweed mistakes, and gives the student tips on how to improve the recitation.
In the second session, the student recites to the teacher from memory the surah/s practised in the first class.

Note: The student may either choose by himself/herself the surahs/juz he/she wishes to learn or may ask the teacher to prepare a study syllabus for him/her.

Upon successful completion of at least one juz, the student will receive a certificate of completion for the juz (chapters) he/she has fully memorized.

The estimated duration of the complete program depends on the student’s objective in Quran memorization.
Please note: In order to receive a certificate, the student must memorize minimum one juz (chapter).