Family Discount

Family Discount

Students with an immediate family member (spouse/parent/child/sibling)* enrolled in the One-on-One Quran Memorization program in the concurrent month may apply for a Family Discount.

The discount applies to the applicant’s monthly registration fees and amounts to:

  • 10% for the second immediate family member,
  • 15% for the third family member,
  • 20% for the fourth family member,
  • 25% for the fifth, sixth, etc. family member

*Note: the discount does not apply to distant family relationships.

Family Discount

  • To be eligible for the Family Discount, both the applicant and his/her immediate family member must be enrolled in the One-on-One Quran Memorization program in the SAME month.
  • The applicant’s family member must have already paid the registration fee for the relevant month.
  • The discount applies to the monthly registration fees ONLY and applications must be made every month that the student wishes to receive the discount.
  • The applicant MUST provide evidence of family relationship (e.g. a scan of a birth/marriage certificate).

To download the application form click here.

Applications must be submitted simultaneously with the evidence of relationship at:

Submission deadlines:

From 1st to 5th every month.

Notice of outcome:

The students will be emailed the application result within 3-4 working days. In sha’ Allah.