Attendance Policies

Ijazah Sessions – Attendance Policies

  1. A student is requested to wait 15 minutes for the teacher. If the teacher does not come within 15 minutes and has not informed the student of his/her later arrival, the student may leave. In such a case, the teacher will conduct a makeup class. Insha Allah.
  2. If a student does not come to a class or arrives more than 15 minutes late AND misses to inform the teacher of it, the class will be regarded as “conducted,” meaning; the teacher will wait 15 minutes for the student and then leave. The teacher will not conduct a makeup class.
  3. If a student cannot come to a session, he/she needs to notify the teacher. Only in such cases, the teacher will conduct a makeup class.
Note: The student may have up to 2 makeup sessions in a month in case he/she informs his/ her teacher one hour before class. If they don’t attend without informing their teachers, it will be up to the teacher to makeup for it or not.