Admission Process


1. Create a free GQMC account.

Before you begin the registration:

  • personal information and the required scanned images should be ready.
  • an email checked regularly should be used for the registration. The activation link, as well as regular correspondence from IOU, will be sent to this email address. You might consider creating a new email address for the purpose of your study at IOU.
  1. Fill in the electronic application form. You will be required to agree and virtually sign our disclaimer form, which may be downloaded here. Check your email inbox for the confirmation mail and click on the provided link to activate your account.
  2. Upload your passport-size color photo and your photo ID (passport, national ID card, etc.) to
  3. Record your recitation (first two pages of surah an-Nisa and half of the first page of surah al-Qamar) at and upload its link at:
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from the coordinator within 3-5 days.
  5. On receiving the acceptance email, follow the below payment and enrollment procedures according to given instructions.
2. Pay the fee, enrol and begin your classes.

Upon successful completion of Step 1, you may proceed to the payment and then enroll.
At the beginning of each month, an announcement is made where students find an enrollment link through which they may choose a slot.
Before attempting to enroll, ensure that you have read and understood our enrollment and payment policies.
Payment and enrollment dates: from 1st to 10th of every month
Note: If you make the payment after 10th of a month, your payment will be logged for the upcoming month and you will be given a chance to enroll then.
To be able to enroll, the monthly registration fee needs to be paid.
In order to learn more about the fees, please visit

Once you have chosen a slot, your teacher will contact you in order to arrange the first session.

Note: During the first two months, students who are admitted to the Ijaazah program will be evaluated by their teacher in regards to their memorization level and performance. If the feedback is positive, the student will continue the Ijaazah program. Otherwise, he/she will be advised to join our One-on-One Quran program in order to do a khatma and work on their memorization and recitation. Upon successful completion of the khatma without interruption for 2 months or irregular attendance, the student will be admitted to the Ijaazah program.