Teaching Method

Teaching Method

The Ijaazah program has three classes per week (40 minutes each). OR It can be two classes per week (one hour for each session). The second option depends on the agreement between the teacher and the student.

In the first two sessions, the student recites from memory five to 10 pages of the Quran or as much as he/she can recite depending on the level of memorization and recitation. After listening to the recitation, the teacher will evaluate, correct any tajweed errors, and give the students tips on how to improve the recitation. The student will recite the next homework if there is time left in the session.

In the third session, the student will study one or two poems about Tajweed (Tuhfat ul-Atfal and Al-Jazariyyah.) in addition to a Tajweed book. The student will practice the recitation or revise some previous pages if there is time left in the session.

If the student does not want to study one or both poems, the third session will be the same as the first two sessions.

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive an Ijaazah in the Quran memorization and a certificate for two poems upon memorizing: Tuhfat ul-Atfal and Al-Jazariyyah.

The estimated duration of the complete program starts from eight months up to 2 years depending on the recitation skills of a particular student.

NOTE: Studying the two poems is optional.